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Allen Ginsberg’s America and Kerouac’s Vanity of Puluoz :: Ginsberg America Essays

Allen Ginsberg’s America and Kerouac’s Vanity of Puluoz  All through the words and the lives of the Beat Generation, one topic is obvious: America, wherever from Allen Ginsberg’s â€Å"America,† to Jack Kerouac’s love for Thomas Wolfe. Despite the fact that the perspectives on America contrast, they all discover some motivation to concentrate in on this land. Ginsberg, in his sonnet â€Å"America,† makes a point that very few of us can see as self-evident: â€Å"It happens to me that I am America. I am conversing with myself again.† Each and all of us make up America, and when we grumble about something that isn't right, we are whining about ourselves. Being raised by his mom as a Communist, and being gay, Ginsberg discovered numerous things amiss with America, and he does his passage portion of grumbling, yet toward the end he chooses, â€Å"America I’m putting my strange shoulder to the wheel.† Ginsberg didn’t need to sit and watch everything turn out badly. He would accomplish some thing, in spite of the way that he was not the perfect American. Kerouac’s perspective on America was totally unique in relation to Ginsberg’s see. Kerouac considered America to be an excellent spot, with numerous unexplored locales for himself, and the remainder of the individuals in the nation. Kerouac attributed his affection for America to Thomas Wolfe. In Kerouac’s book Vanity of Puluoz he said that Wolfe caused him to understand that America was not a troubling work environment and battle in, it was a sonnet. In the event that everyone thought of America as a sonnet as opposed to a spot where we simply come to so as to live work and pass on, this nation would be the perfect spot that Kerouac needed it to be. The â€Å"Night of the Wolfeans† was an occasion in the lives of the Beats that influenced them for quite a while. It united the entirety of the Beat’s sentiments toward America. They were placed into two classifications: â€Å"Wolfeans,† and â€Å"non-Wolfeans.† Kerouac and Hal Chase were hetero, every single American young men who trusted in America, the ideal picture of the American resident. The non-Wolfeans (William Burroughs and Ginsberg) were otherwise called â€Å"Baudelaireans† or â€Å"Black Priests.† They needed to decimate the Wolfeans and all that they had confidence in. The Beats felt that everyone could be categorized as one of these two classes. One thing that all the Beats settled upon, was that so as to genuinely turn into an extraordinary essayist, you must be viewed as an American author.

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Sahil KOLB s assignment

On the off chance that I place score reviews on various words been Provided, at that point the best scores are in Scale AWE and CE, then again, the least scores are in OR and AC. Besides; subsequent to deducting AC by CE and AWE by OR, results are - 3 and 11. In this manner I fall in a class of Assimilates who as opposed to feeling, they think and afterward apply their procedures. Fundamentally am a visual and innovative student in light of the way that can learn things effectively in an imagined Surroundings rather than increasingly hypothetical, I lean toward o watch things and afterward learn and apply in future. M consistently been sharp keen on including myself in innovative assignment since I can investigate my ability in progressively Better manner. As indicated by Kola's Learning Model, have arbitrary capacities, for example, Abstract Conceptualization And Reflective Observation that implies I learn things which depend on specific ideas and perception in a sensible and cohere nt manner. I believe that the most ideal approach to learn is through focusing on addresses since We can watch different ideas and besides by including our self in abundant number of assignment, conversations, ProjectsAs per KOLA'S CHART, I being as acclimatizes who is all the more closer to Converge and Diverged in light of the fact that as we Know that in separated, they additionally has characteristics of intelligent perception in which, they want to watch and learn through talking about and conceptualizing yet when contrasted with absorbs they generally feel as opposed to suspecting. Aside from veered, acclimatizes is additionally near unite, who likewise share unique conceptualization; that implies, they additionally like to consider rather feeling. Combines likewise put stock in learning aptitudes through Motivation and ideas. Be that as it may, meets consistently lean toward in doing as opposed to giving needs in watching things.They additionally trust in seeking after learni ng abilities through talks, ventures, papers and so on. Besides; According to the outcomes, I being as acclimatizes is absolutely against Accommodated due to the explanation that they like to learn through inclination and doing. In addition they likewise have capacities of solid experience and dynamic experimentation which are excluded from Assimilates, as they have confidence in speculation and watching things as opposed to feeling and doing. Aside from that, Somehow Assimilates is between identified with merge and separated , as they share a few capacities During their learning.Assimilation's are less keen on getting things done without watching them as a result of the way that they need results exact and legitimate, so they can undoubtedly comprehend things in a shorter time. With everything taken into account; as per my past scholastic records, I learnt things all the more sensibly, outwardly and through sound-related Skills. I feel that I am increasingly present-situated who ca n investigate effectively through direction and inspiration. At whatever point watch things from progressively envisioned condition, it causes me to comprehend in increasingly pragmatic manner.

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College Paper Writing Services - How to Find Freelance Writers

College Paper Writing Services - How to Find Freelance WritersThere are a lot of people who have gone from a bright college-paper writer to one of the finest freelancers in the online writing industry. In fact, there are a number of people who have gone on to working as full-time, self-employed writers. If you are already a college-paper writer, there are many online papers out there that need freelancers.Nowadays, there are a lot of freelance writers available for hire online. As a matter of fact, it is not that difficult to find some writers for college-paper writing services. The good thing about this profession is that there are a lot of freelancers who will be willing to work on a freelance basis. In fact, it is very easy to find them because there are a lot of sites which offer freelancers.There are also several resources available for those who want to find freelancers for college-paper writing services. You can do a general search using the internet. The best way to locate wr iters for freelancing is to make use of the internet. You can simply type in the keywords 'freelance writers'writing services' and you will get thousands of sites. Some of these sites are specifically for freelancers and others are for service providers.When looking for a freelance writer, you should always make sure that the person you are hiring has good experience in writing. You should also ensure that the site that you are searching through is reliable. It is important to take a look at the ratings given by other clients for this particular service provider. This is why it is essential that you use the internet to find the best possible writers for freelance writing.There are many areas where you can make use of the internet to help you find writers for your projects. If you have any kind of experience with graphics, you can easily find a freelance writer who specializes in graphics. You can use your graphics knowledge to make the story more interesting. This way, you will be a ble to write something that your reader will appreciate.Moreover, you can also search for freelancers who have the skills in different multimedia resources. For example, if you are interested in writing about fashion, you can find a freelance writer who is familiar with fashion magazines. This means that you can get an effective professional who can write a successful piece for your college-paper.Of course, in order to find freelance writers for college-paper writing services, you need to make use of the internet. Once you have decided to hire the service provider, you can contact them and hire them for your college-paper writing. This is how it works.If you are planning to hire freelance writers for college-paper writing services, you should be able to find the right person for the job. This is one of the most important things that you need to consider before you make the final decision.

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Treat Critical Reading more like Math

Because of the nature of my job, I tend to get a lot of students with very significant imbalances between their math and verbal scores. Most people scoring a 760 in Math without much prep just dont bother with math tutors, although the same people sometimes find themselves stuck in the 600s or even the 500s in Reading and Writing. What I look at the (full) tests of students like these, however, what often strikes me the most is the difference between the sheer amount of stuff theyve written in the Math sections vs. the CR sections. Even just glancing at the math, I can see that theyve really worked those problems out. In fact, it probably wouldnt occur to them to do otherwise. There are equations scribbled all over the place. Maybe not for every question, but often enough for it to be clear that they havent been approaching the SAT like some kind of glorified guessing game but rather solving the problems. They might use their knowledge of a particular rule to eliminate answers quickly, but at no point have they simply decided to abandon working things out in favor of making a guess they hope will be right. The same, alas, cannot be said for the Reading. Sure, theyve probably underlined and circled some things in the passages, maybe written the main point and perhaps the tone, but the spaces next to the questions are totally and completely blank. Even if theyve made an attempt to reason their way through the problem, they havent bothered to write down all the steps. More likely, though, it hasnt really occurred to them that they *can* approach CR in more or less the same way they would approach Math What seems like an obvious way to work through a math problem seems far less obvious when applied to reading especially since theyve never been asked to think about reading in quite that way before. What really gets me, though, is that even after I demonstrate in some cases, multiple times how to work through a CR question step by step like a math problem, writing down each part of the process and moving systematically through the choices when the answer isnt initially obvious, they still refuse to even attempt to replicate the process on their own. (Actually, after I demonstrate the first time, they usually give me a look that says approximately, Oh st! That looks like a lot of work. No way, there has to be an easier way to do it. Um, no, there isnt.) It doesnt matter how many times I tell them that this was how I got an 800, and that if theyre really serious about wanting one as well, they need to make themselves go through the entire process. They still want the magical shortcut thatll get them a perfect score without having to work quite so hard. Guess what, folks: it doesnt exist. The closest thing to a fail-safe technique I have for getting an 800 on CR is this, take or leave it. So having said that, I want to work through what is quite possibly the hardest CR question I know of one that absolutely demands to be worked out like an equation and that pretty much every student Ive ever had, no matter how high they ultimately scored, screwed up on. (True confession: I actually had to look at the answer the first time I saw it. It was only when I went back that I was able to work out the reasoning behind it). Its from the College Board Test 4, section 6, question 20, p. 592. In case youre wondering, yes, I would actually write all of my reasoning down. Note that I constantly, quasi-obsessively reiterate both what the question is asking and the point of the paragraph. It may seem excessive, but its necessary. Its the only way to leave no room for error. Paragraph 2 Things that live by night live outside the realm of normal time. Chauvinistic about our human need to wake by day and sleep by night, we come to associate night dwellers with people up to no good, people who have the jump on the rest of us and are defying nature, defying their circadian rhythms. Also night is when we dream, and so reality is warped. After all, we do not see very well at night, we do not need to. But that makes us nearly defenseless after dark. Although we are accustomed to mastering our world by day , in the night we become vulnerable as prey. Thinking of bats as masters of the night threatens the safety we daily take for granted. Though we are at the top of our food chain, if we had to live alone in the rain forest, say, and protect ourselves against roaming predators, we would live partly in terror, as our ancestors did. Our sense of safety depends on predictability, so anything living outside the usual rules we suspect to be an outlaw a ghoul. Which of the following assertions detracts LEAST from the authors argument in the second paragraph (lines 25-42)? (A) Many people work at night and sleep during the day (B) Owls, which hunt at night, do not arouse our fear (C) Most dangerous predators hunt during the day (D) Some cultures associate bats with positive qualities (E) Some dream imagery has its source in the dreamers personal life Solution: 1. Since the question is phrased in a somewhat convoluted manner, we need to make sure that we are absolutely clear about what is actually being asked before we do anything else. The question is asking us which option detracts LEAST. That means that the four incorrect answers  will detract from (go against) the argument and the correct answer  will not detract from the argument. It does not, however, mean that the correct option will SUPPORT the argument. Just because an idea does not explicitly go against an argument does not mean that it supports it; there might just be no relationship. So we are simply looking for something that does not contradict the argument. 2. The next step is to determine what the argument actually is. While the question gives us a lot of lines to read, they can be pretty much summed up AND WRITTEN DOWN as follows: -Humans sleep @ night and think its normal, get scared by stuff thats awake @ night b/c = abnormal. -Bats dont sleep @ night, THUS: B/c bats assoc. w/dark = scary. Notice that Ive crammed down the paragraph into just the essential, disregarding the details entirely. 3. Before we look at the answers, we need to consider very clearly what we are looking for. The question asks us to find the answer that does NOT explicitly contradict the idea that bats stuff @ night = scary. It might not support that idea, but it wont go against it either. So now we consider the answers. (A) Many people work at night and sleep during the day If many people work at night and sleep during the day, they go against typical patterns. But that happens all the time and people dont get scared. So that DOES detract from the idea that night is only for scary stuff, and we can eliminate the answer. (B) Owls, which hunt at night, do not arouse our fear Again, owls go against normal human patterns but NOT scary. So that also detracts from the idea that night = scary stuff. It can be eliminated. (C) Most dangerous predators hunt during the day But scary stuff is supposed to happen @ night, not during the day. So that detracts from the idea that scary stuff just comes out @ night. It can be eliminated. (D) Some cultures associate bats with positive qualities This is dealing with the other main point in the paragraph: bats = scary. But if bats are really so scary for everyone, then they shouldnt be associated w/positive qualities. So this DOES detract from the idea that bats = scary. It can be eliminated as well. (E) Some dream imagery has its source in the dreamers personal life Since weve reasoned through the other options and have determined that they cannot be correct, this must be right. But before we pick it, were going to double check it against the original question to make sure that it works. This is part of the whole not leaving yourself any room for error thing, and if you want to certain, you cant leave this step out. We know that the right answer will not detract from the idea that bats/night = scary, and this option has nothing whatsoever to do with that idea. And if it has nothing to do with that idea, it can detract from it. It does, however, support the idea that bats/night = scary; it just does NOT detract from it. So its right. Most of my students groan when I explain the logic to them; it seems so ridiculously convoluted. And such an outrageous amount of work. But there is no other way to figure it out. Even if some people can get the answer very fast, theyre still going through the entire process theyre just doing it at warp speed. Now to be fair, this question is very extreme. Most dont have anywhere near this level of complexity. The problem is that there are always a couple of outliers that have something close to it, and those are the questions that separate the 800s from the mid-700s. Ill admit that working like this does not initially feel natural. It can be time consuming (although in reality no more time consuming than staring blankly at the answers), but its also the sort of thing that gets faster the more you practice it. You have to be able to do it before you can do do it fast. Even if you screw it up the first few (or twenty) times you try to do it, practicing the approach is what counts. Youre dealing with the SAT in terms of what its actually testing your ability to reason your way logically through complex material and thatll get you a lot further than looking at it just about any other way.

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Surgical Procedures During The Surgical Procedure Essay

I had the pleasure of observing three different surgical procedures during my OR rotation The first surgical procedure was a caesarean section (C-section), that was done as a repeat because the patient had her previous children delivered as a c-section and was not able to deliver vaginally. I also got a chance to observe an umbilical hernia repair. This procedure was performed because part of the intestines were protruding through the umbilical opening which may have caused pain or discomfort. The patient had given birth a few months prior to the surgery which may have caused the protruding intestine. The third surgical procedure I observed was a Laparoscopic gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy). This procedure was performed because the patient had gall stones present in the gallbladder. Negative effects of surgery When a person goes under the knife, he or she open themselves up to risks that are involved when having surgery that will determine the outcome of the operation. There are risks of surgical complications, the risk of infection, bleeding uncontrollably and risking your life by not waking up and getting through the surgical procedure. Patients can be affected psychologically due to prolonged recovery and long lasting disability if complications occur. This may cause psychological distress, which can delay recovery as stress delays wound healing and compromises some immunity. (Pinto, Faiz, Davis, Almoudaris, Vincent, 2016). Side effects from the anesthesia usedShow MoreRelatedA Critical Incident During The Theatre During A Knee Orif Surgical Procedure Essay2147 Words   |  9 PagesNovember 2015 , during the first block of clinical placement , a critical incident occurred in the theatre during a knee ORIF surgical procedure . The procedure involves re-align ment of broken bones which are held together by surgical implants such as metal plate , rod , and screws . The team involved in the procedure were an orthopaedic surgeon , a consultant , an anaesthetist , a theatre nurse , a scrub nurse , a radiographer , and a student radiographer . During the procedure , the patient wasRead MoreBenefits Of A Non Surgical Rhinoplasty1412 Words   |  6 PagesA non-surgical rhinoplasty is also referred to as a non-surgical nose job, the â€Å"15-Minute Nose Job,† a liquid nose job or injection rhinoplasty. For some, this procedure can be used as a temporary substitute for surgical rhinoplasty. Dr. Sam Gershenbaum is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who frequently performs non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures at his surgery center in Miami, FL. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Vs. Traditional Surgical Rhinoplasty Depending on what a patient would like to accomplishRead MorePerioperative Observation Experience. I Observed A Laparoscopic1323 Words   |  6 Pagescover pre-operative tasks, surgical procedure, anesthesia and interventions, roles and functions of the nurse, and surgical team members. I will also cover safety and comfort concerns along with nursing diagnoses related to this surgery. Pre-Operative Data Collection and Medications Pre-operative data collection was obtained in the ambulatory minor surgery unit (AMSU). A communication sheet was filled out that collects patient data such as their diagnosis, the procedure they are having, drug allergiesRead MoreThe Treatment Of Breast Cancer1248 Words   |  5 PagesEntire Breast A modified radical mastectomy – during this procedure, the surgical oncologist removes the entire cancerous breast, the lining that rests above the chest muscles as well as most of the patient’s lymph nodes that are located under her arm. In addition, patients may also need to have a portion of their chest wall muscle removed. A total mastectomy (simple mastectomy) – during this procedure, the oncologist removes the entire breast. During the same surgery (or after), the oncologist mayRead MoreThinking Ahead Contingency Planning And Managing The Unexpected Are Core Skills For A Perioperative Nurse1583 Words   |  7 PagesBjornsdottir (2008) describe how prevention is a core component of the perioperative nurses work. Perioperative nurses consider how the background of their patient may contribute to their susceptibility and instability and how these may be risk factors during their patients surgery, this means trying to imagine everything that could go wrong and taking reasonable steps to manage these scenarios. In this case study Mr Knight, a 55 year old man is presenting to the operating room to undergo an exploratoryRead MorePrevention of a Surgical Site Infection1563 Words   |  6 PagesPrevention of Surgical Site Infection Prevention of Surgical Site Infection Method of obtaining necessary approval and securing support from your organizations leadership and fellow staff In order to obtain the necessary approval and support of the formal leadership of the organization and fellow workers, it is necessary to present well-documented presentation. This presentation would entail dangers relative to the surgical site infection and the need to eliminate or minimize the menace fromRead MorePreparing A Sterile Field Essay1091 Words   |  5 Pages Abstract Surgical asepsis, or aseptic technique is designed to eliminate all microorganisms, including spores and pathogens, from an object and to protect an area from these microorganisms. Surgical asepsis requires more precautions than medical asepsis. Breaks in technique result in contaminations, thus increasing a patients risk for infection (Church, 2009). Medical asepsis are used during procedures that require intentional perforation of a patient’sRead MoreRetention Of Surgical Pack : Abc Hospital1483 Words   |  6 Pages Retention of Surgical Pack – ABC Hospital MEMORANDUM To, Surgical Team, Instrumentation and Circulating Nurse, Risk Management Officer, Incident Management Team, Hospital Administration, ABC Hospital From, Kavitha Kulal ABC Hospital SUBJECT: Retention of Surgical Pack post surgery DATE: 15 September 2015 Retention of Surgical Pack: This memo is sent in context of a lawsuit received from the lawyer of Patient ‘Y’ regarding retention of a surgical pack in the patient, due to which theRead MoreClassification Of Information For The Healthcare System1008 Words   |  5 Pagesthe HCPCS which is the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System are used in various medical settings. The CPT is published by the AMA yearly. CPT is used to help physicians, insurance companies and other medical providers to use a system for coding medical procedures performed. These codes are used with ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM. The CPT book includes four categories the first one consists of six main sections. The CPT codebook is used for each procedure and/or service performed by healthcare professionalsRead MoreWrong Site Surgeries1348 Words   |  6 Pagesbreakdown is considered the main cause of wrong site surgeries in the surgical team. The Joint Commission s universal protocol of time out is a very important and a helpful tool in preventing the wrong site surgeries, wrong person surgery, and wrong procedure. The factors causing the wrong site surgeries can be; †¢ presumption of surgical team members that someone else has confirmed surgical site and procedure †¢ surgeon failing to mark the site †¢ placing

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A Study On Data Collection - 836 Words

Data collection will be a combination of qualitative and quantitative. It is important to use a combination of both because it will provide more information about application of the study and how future research should be conducted. Before the semester meeting with professors of the ALI program at UMKC to seek permission to begin the study is vital. Meeting early on also begins to form strong communication which is necessary to ensure that assignments and ways of incorporating Facebook in the classroom are different from previous studies. There will be one introductory session with each of the four courses composed of 30 or so students, collectively there will be about 120 students involved in this study. Students will not be informed on the purpose of the study, only that their progress in English will be tracked. Information will be collection from the students that wish to participate such as demographic and contact information, as well as how comfortable they feel with their Engl ish. The rest of the surveys throughout the course of the semester will be sent via email. Professors will be making notes of progress or possible problems and at the end of the study they will share how Facebook impacted ELLs’ motivation to learn English, if it did at all. Twice a month students will take a survey that asks them to answer ranging questions from â€Å"strongly agree† to â€Å"strongly disagree†, or â€Å"extremely well† to â€Å"not at all well†. Other questions may be true or false or ranked oneShow MoreRelatedA Research Study On Data Collection1205 Words   |  5 Pagesaccomplished and that is the collection of data. Notwithstanding the research project and whether the method of research is whether qualitative or quantitative, data must be collected. Data collection is essential whether the method of choice is a mail survey, a telephone survey, an interview, an experiment, field research, or secondary data analysis. Data coll ection is an important aspect of any type of research study. Inaccurate data can impact the results of a study and ultimately lead to invalidRead MoreA Study Design, Study, And Data Collection Tools Essay1241 Words   |  5 PagesSubjects and Methods In order to fulfill the objectives of this study the following techniques were followed. A. Technical design:- The technical design included : the study design, study subjects, and data collection tools. ï  ¶ The study design:A descriptive cross- sectional study was utilized in carring out this study. ï  ¶ Study settings:- The study was carried out in Kafer Ibrash Family Health Unit, Mashtool Elsook district in The Health Directorate in Sharkia Governorate in October 2014. ï  ¶ SampleRead MoreA Research Study On Quantitative Data Collection Essay1517 Words   |  7 PagesPolkinghorn (2005) declared that the â€Å"human experience is a difficult area to study [and] it ismulti-layered and complex† (p. 138). Collecting and thematically analyzing the data will help the qualitative researcher find the truth about the meaningful aspects of the participants’ life experience (Tuckett, 2004). In an attempt to understand and analyze these human experiences, qualitative researchers collect and document data through interviewing participants, [conducting group focus], observationRead MoreResearch Study On Data Collection Methods948 Words   |  4 PagesData Collection Methods This research study would use paper and pencil method, an achievement test. The participants would be taking a progress monitoring test. This type of method is appropriate for the study because it gives accurate data about student’s abilities before the start of the research study. It is also used at the end of the study for the scores can be compared between each class and initial scores. Instruments First off, the students would take a progress monitoring test. The testRead MoreA Research Study On Data Collection Method1113 Words   |  5 PagesData Collection Method According to (Swanson, 2005), qualitative research demands a lot from the researcher, it would also be important for the researcher to acknowledge the words studied in the analysis are influenced by ourselves. This would be the case since the researcher is using surveys to conduct the research. The independent variable in the case of this research would be the affordable housing programs because the researcher wants to determine if there is enough housing and are there changesRead MoreResearch Study On Data Collection Instruments1959 Words   |  8 Pages 2.4 Research instruments Interviews, surveys, in-depth interviews, case studies, fieldwork, simulations and experiments are all examples of data collection instruments that researchers may use to collect qualitative and / or quantitative data (Saunders et. al, 2006; Crotty, 1998). Surveys as indicated in section 2.2 are mostly used in quantitative research and interviews in qualitative research but researches can use an instrument or a combination of instruments that are best suited for and /Read MoreStatistics Is The Study Of The Collection, Analysis, And Organization Of Data1594 Words   |  7 Pages  Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. In applying statistics to, e.g., a scientific, industrial, or societal problem, it is conventional to begin with a statistical population or a statistical model process to be studied. Populations can be diverse topics such as all persons living in a country or every atom composing a crystal. Statist ics deals with all aspects of data including the planning of data collection in terms of theRead MoreA Research Study On Data Collection Method1754 Words   |  8 PagesData Collection Method: Because quantitative research is decided as the research strategy, data collection seems to be key factor. Survey is the traditional way to collect the data (Vogt, 2010). In order to collect the quantitative data, questionnaire is considered as one of the most effective ways to make the survey that is defined as a set of questions, the main function of which is to collect the relevant data or information from individuals (Mukherjee, 1995). Self-completion questionnaire isRead MoreData Collection Analysis and Measurement Elements Used in Research Studies415 Words   |  2 PagesQualitative Research Study Abstract This paper identifies data collection, analysis, and measurement elements used in research studies. The paper analyses the publication Missed Nursing Care by Kalisch, B.J and discusses the methods of data collection and analysis the author used. Study Method In this research, a qualitative study was used during data collection and analysis. The researcher used focus group interviews during her study which encompassed nursing staff working in medical-surgicalRead MoreA Research Study On Research772 Words   |  4 PagesPhilosophy Research philosophy is based on the assumptions which define research strategy and explains the relationship between a research study and the data collection process (Zikmund, 2012). The research philosophy is categorised into positivism and interpretivism. Positivism only adheres the knowledge based on factual information through observations (data collection methods) which are mostly quantifiable and measurable (Saunders et al., 2009). Whereas in interpretivism, research variables can be interpreted

Health Through Flexibility And Resilience †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Health Through Flexibility And Resilience? Answer: Introducation The foremost thing about social work is that it is all on the social front with which we deal in our day to day life situations. Working for society helps to develop sound relations between a group of people. However, in other professions like Banker deals with Finance management of each individual, doctor look after the cure and prevention of disease, lawyers look for having proof of different crime and provide justice but social work uniquely stands out to enhance the relationships between each individual by knowing their problems and providing appropriate solutions by visiting their home and sort out the various problems (Pollack, 2009). The social worker must be aware of different measures of dealing with social problems. He must be familiar with the factors that contribute to the quality of life of this universe. Few factor such as are pure air and water, hygienic provision of food and equal opportunities for job seekers (Pollack, 2009). The social worker should be capable of dealing with the social issues and must have strong networking to sort out the problem by providing the victim with the necessary resources. There is a various social problem which never let the individual fulfil their goal at first stoke of their efforts. To exemplify social problems, individuals are facing issues related to unemployment, racism, malnutrition and unequal opportunity in their countries. Other examples of social problems are substance abuse, employment discrimination, and child abuse. Some social problem affects the individual directly and indirectly. For instance, the drunk driver becomes the reason of accident that has not chosen the victims of the accident by race or colour but its all so randomly (MacEachen, Polzer Clarke, 2008). The children belong to the family of abusive parents often becomes the perpetrator of family violence as an adult. The roots of social work lie in various charitable organizations that stand out for helping people who are in need. Earlier social work was volunteer basis only, however, nowadays social work becomes a unique profession whose primary responsibility is to provide a helping hand to people in need and making improvements to their environments (MacEachen, Polzer Clarke, 2008). The social worker has a concern about both personal and public aspects of individuals.The personal aspects of the human such as moral values, emotions, and problem-solving attitude of people, whereas public aspects such as the neighbourhoods, schools, working conditions, social welfare systems, and political systems that affect each individual. In this way, social workers are able to provide a unique service to the people in need by taking care of their private and public aspects of problems (MacEachen, Polzer Clarke, 2008). The social worker has made their network circle with different organizations dealing with different professional so that their clients can easily avail required facilities like financial, medical, education services which help them to improve their present situation of living style. The basic duty of social worker is to provide a clear path out of the problem to their client so that client becomes self sufficient with help of social networking. Before choosing the field of social work, one must have basic skills to work effectively as a social worker. By human nature, there is always feeling of fear whenever an individual stands against some injustice happening around us but there is a social worker who is full of confidence and power to lead different social issues (Dwyer, 2005). As a student, I am in learning phase but I have different skills like good communication skills, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, social networking and few of these skills I am trying to learn which are discussed as follows. I am sure to have these qualities as part of my personality to become social worker without any fear and vulnerabilities. Assessment Skills One should be able to recognize the individual who is needy and requires resources to overcome their social problem and it is strictly instructed to assess the client at different parameters to evaluate that whether the resources are still required or not (Pollack, 2008). Communication Skills Communication being a social worker must be clear and concise as it requires oral and written communication with clients (Dwyer, 2005).To exemplifies, social workers must communicate effectively with higher officials to demand required funding for the social cause. Counsellor and Leadership Social workers need to counsel their clients usually so they require the qualities of a good advocate for the presentation of client social issues that lead to positive development in resolving the social problems. Problem Solving Skills One of the important skills that the social workers must have is their ability to solve the problem analytically with fewer resources and limited budget. Critical Thinking Skills Critical thinking is all about looking for a solution to social problem along with broad minded attitude and making use of information and knowledge that reflect their education. Documentation Skills Each and every aspect of social issues must be recorded in a sequential manner corresponding to each client.For this record maintenance, the social worker needs to do proper documentation of all documents that represent cause and solution to social problems (Pollack, 2008). As a role of social worker, there must be a clear understanding of the human relationships. Social workers are able to help their client as if they have good human relationships across different fields of profession. They can support their client by developing a positive attitude in them, by letting them free from any kind of fear, by motivating them to create a social circle. In this way, I am able to develop a positive circle around me so that I have knowledge and information on different issues (Pollack, 2008). By knowing the details of various social causes and problem, one must be able to resolve it with the help of individuals in the network. In this way, social worker acts as a catalyst for providing better living conditions to their client. Accounting, for positive results, the client must have trust on their respective social worker or team so that client feels comfortable in sharing their problem related issues and feelings attached to each and every aspect of the problem ( Pollack, 2008). In other words, the social worker is able to provide a safe environment to their client to resolve the social problem. References Dwyer, S. (2005). The role of the social worker.Psychiatry,4(2), 95-97. MacEachen, E., Polzer, J., Clarke, J. (2008). You are free to set your own hours: Governing worker productivity and healthcare through flexibility and resilience.Social Science Medicine,66(5), 1019-1033. Pollack, D. (2008). International legal note: Social work comes to the small screen.International Social Work,51(6), 841-846. Pollack, D. (2009). Legal risk, accountability and transparency in social work.International Social Work,52(6), 837-842.